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The Bodhran is a great entry instrument into Irish Traditional music. You do not need to have any formal musical experience and age is not a factor. The most important pre-requisite is that you enjoy listening to music and can tap your foot along to music in time.

This course is designed to take you on your journey step by step from learning how to hold the drum and stick, all the way to being able to play along with music and joining in on your first Trad session. You will learn basic and more complicated rhythmic patterns to accompany reels, jigs, hornpipes, slip jigs and polkas.

You will learn how to use your skin hand to change tone, play rolls and triplets, and learn about the structure and origins of Irish folk music.

There are extra lessons that explain in further detail the types of Bodhrans and bodhran sticks that are available, hand playing styles and session do’s and don’ts. Some lessons are broken down further into practice tips and see Siobhan playing a tune at a slower pace to help you.

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