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I first met Siobhan at a Bodhrán festival in Inisheer- I was inspired by her teaching style and passion for music, her enthusiasm for the instrument is beautiful...I would recommend this course!!!

Kirsty Hannon, Wexford.

More About Siobhán...

Siobhan was incredibly welcoming and made playing the bodhran fun and enjoyable. Because Siobhan was such a great teacher, I brought her to the US to do a week long residency with my Fourth and Fifth grade students. They had such a marvelous time learning how to play the bodhran! She took technical concepts and presented them in a simple way, which is just what my students needed. I would wholeheartedly recommend Siobhanteacher, whether in person or online. I will use her online instruction with my students in the future.

Cara Rogers.
Elementary music teacher in Tennessee, USA

The Lessons

All lessons are structured to help the Student develop their Bodhran playing skills at their own pace & without pressure.

Video Lesson

The main lesson content is delivered by Video. Watch & play along with Siobhán as she walks you through each lesson.

Slow down playback speed & loop sections of lesson to suit your abilities.

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All lessons can be slowed down/speeded up to suit your ability. Sections can also be selected to 'loop'.

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